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sleeping baby.JPG

Hmong Boy -oil paint on canvas

Hmong Boy - oil paint on canvas

The Hat Dance.jpg

Away from the Party - oil paint on canvas

The International District_edited.jpg

Waiting for a Friend - oil paint on canvas

01.19.Islamic Marquetry Box1 edit.jpg
01.19.Islamic Marquetry Box2 - Copy.JPG

Islamic pattern - marquetry on hinged box, featuring Paduk and Zebrawood

01.19.Lens of Truth2 - Copy.JPG
01.19.Lens of Truth.jpg

Lens of Truth - wood and glass rendition of an item from the game Zelda, featuring dichroic glass


Last Mourning - stained glass

Tapatio man.jpg

El Tapatio - cut paper installation at

Asadero Primo in Seattle


Piñata! - 8'x4' cut paper 

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